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For the discussion of the inherent slimeyness of M$.


Toddler Property Rules:
* If I like it, it's mine.
* If it's in my hand, it's mine.
* If I can take it from you, it's mine.
* If I used it a while ago, it's mine.
* If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.
* If I was thinking about using it in the future, it's mine
* If I am doing or building something, all the pieces are mine.
* If it looks like mine, it's mine.
* If I think it's mine, it's mine
* If I ... Sorry, wrong file. I got Darl McBrides business plan.



August 12th, 2012

Покупаю следующее программное обеспечение Microsoft:
- Windows XP PRO - только новые комплекты (OEM, BOX, GGK).
- Windows 7 PRO - новые, переклей или просто наклейки (OEM, BOX, GGK).
- Office - разные версии, по договоренности.

Покупаю любое количество, быстро и конфиденциально.
Нахожусь в Казани, но могу забрать из любого города.
Пишите в личку или стучите в аську 210846464.


November 5th, 2009

Logic error
Impact of exploitation
Remote Code Execution
User Interaction
user interaction is needed
Attack Vector
Maliciously Crafted File
CVE reference

Vendor Status
Responded and patched
Vulnerable systems
Internet Explorer 6 SP1,
Office Word Viewer 2003,
Excel Viewer 2003 SP3,
Office PowerPoint Viewer 2003,
Office Compatibility Pack For Word Excel Ppt 2007 ,
Expression Media All,
Office Groove Server 2007,
SQL 2000 Reporting Service SP2,
Sql Server 2005 SP2,
Visual Studio .Net 2003 SP1,
Visual Studio 2008,
Report Viewer 2005 SP1,
Report Viewer 2008,
Visual Fox Pro 6.0,
Forefront Client Security 1.0,
A vulnerability in Microsoft GDI+ may allow remote code execution.

Please visit softe.org for further information on the latest spyware virus worm and how to clean your PC

September 10th, 2009

At Sept. 7 was dismissed case against Microsoft for breaching competition law. The reason for the case excitation were many requests of buyers about the non-alternative of imposing new versions of Windows, which do not meet the objectives of buyers and technical characteristics of the sold computers. At the same time, support and sales of the previous version - Windows XP - has been discontinued, is not legally allowed to use acceptable to users of OS version.

As reported by the Federal Antimonopoly Service, during the hearings was a compromise, which we will use to organize in Russia the procedure for the free exchange of consumer operating system, Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows XP Home. This procedure will be implemented within 3 weeks and will last until the end of 2009.

March 9th, 2008

A layman's thoughts on open document formats, open source software, freedom of choice,
freedom of information, liberties in general.
(a work in progress)

Consider, for a moment, where the world might be now, if,
say, whoever first developed a means of written communication,
written language, had patented/copyrighted, this means of communication.
I'd like to consider not only copyrighting his particular writing
system, but, even more generally, the concept of symbolically
representing concepts in a written/graphical form.

Had the inventor of writing, if you will, demanded his rights
in terms of the use of such a system, of course, anyone that
wrote anything would owe him for use of this intellectual property.
Thus, he would have a right to demand his fee for the conveyance of
any information, of any nature, in a written form.
This would mean, he would have control over any written communication.
He would be able to control what information could be conveyed
in writing, who could have access to that information,
and, of course, he could demand payment for any and everytime
information of any nature was conveyed in this fashion.
Let me just clarify that by being a bit more precise, while
summing up the entire situation in general:
He would have control over the conveyance of any information
in written form.
He would control information.
Anyone with such power, of course, would have immense, if not complete
control over public opinion and knowledge.
I think we can agree that such control centralized in the hands of
one person would be A BAD THING.
This individual could control religious thought, philosophy,
the semination of scientific knowledge, etc., ad infinitum.

Now, consider even if Gutenburg had patented and copyrighted
the printing press, and all printing of any matter would, again,
be his to control.
Or perhaps, say one person controlled all rights to the use of
paper (papyrus), when it was invented, and, thus, could control any use there of
and any matter that was printed or written on paper, etc.
Control over any such process or media would put untold power in the hands
of the individual possessing such power.
I think we can agree that such control centralized in one person (or one company) would be

Freedom of information, freedom of expression and freedom to learn are,
and I believe this is a widely enough held notion that nobody will argue
the contrary, ESSENTIAL freedoms.
Freedoms necessary to the advance of the human species, of knowledge, of
culture and scientific progress.

This is why we need to have open standards for document formats, and why proprietary
document formats are to be avoided.
This is why we should not allow specific software vendors to control the dispersion
of information by allowing their proprietary document formats to become standard to
any industry. Allowing them such control allows them control over that industry.
They will have the ability to stifle choice of software use and will have control over
the publication of knowledge.

In today's digital, information age, if one individual or one company has control
of the file formats in which information may be shared, or if one company or individual
controls all software capable of accessing information in said formats, that individual
or company has control of all information.
Such a company could extort whatever price they wish for your use of their
product and file formats.
Such a company could refuse you license to use their product and their
file formats if they disagree with or dislike the information you wish to share, even.

This is pretty well the case when speaking of the current situation in reference to various industries where
certain proprietary software vendors have cornered the market, often by untoward
means and with inferior products, and stifled the people's right to choice.
This is why you spend $300 on Microsoft Windows, and $500 on Microsoft Office, and
have to pay again for them to fix these inferior software products when they fail on you.
This is why translators are almost unanimously being forced to use SDL's Trados and Tag Editor.
I assume the situation is similar on other industries (graphics/publishing, etc.)
Choice is stifled when a vendor controls a market.

This is why document formats such as
Microsoft's .doc, .wmp or OOXML,
SDL's .ttx,
Thomson's mp3,
and other proprietary formats, specific to one software vendor, are harmful, and to be not only avoided, but completely
eschewed in favor of open document formats, such as .odf, .tmx, .xliff, .xml, .html, and .ogg.

Understand, I am in no way advocating an end to intellectual property rights.
Certainly, those who create works of art, software, literature, music, etc., have a right to their
What I am advocating is free access to information
and the means of manipulating and conveying information.

Play Ogg

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December 6th, 2006

Well I can admit, Windows is more tolerable since Windows XP came around. Though I'm kind of sick and tired of having to scan for viruses every day with multiple viruse scanners/spyware scanners. And then having to comb the registry every time those remove stuff with a cleaner. And then sometimes having to login into safe mode just to remove certain more pesky viruses/spyware. Some of them I have to read page after page of information to find the root of the problem. And in rare cases I have to go into the registry and weed out the files by hand (which I dont like to do anymore cause it can really mess things up). It's very annoying and I feel like I'm taking care of a wilful kitten. And it's one messy wilful kitten. Though that's just the tip of the iceberg. A lot of the chores I have to do to keep my computer/stable and crash free Windows should be doing by itself. Atleast the combing the registry bit. I mean come on now. It's bloatey as it is. Can't they automate certain things by defualt that are so mundane a computer can do it? I dont really understand a lot of the stuff involved in it. Though anyways I thought Id express my frustation. If Macs didnt suck and wernt expensive, Id move over to that. Id love to convert to Linux, though there are a lot of things I wont be able to do even though pretty much all the software I use on my computer is free source software. I shunned all of microsoft's software except for their OS and MSN. And MSN is so annoying. there's stupid things it does that seem to be in there on purpose to annoy you. Version after version (droped messages, puting in silly error messages were there are no error at all and some more I can't remember off the top of my head but happen sometimes)

April 2nd, 2006

On the plus side, it mocks Gates and Microsoft. On the downside, the person behind it seems awfully fond of Macs.


March 21st, 2006


ReactOS, Anyone ever hear of it? It's supposed to be to windows what linux is to unix. On the up side it may provide a more user friendly open source alternative to windows... one that has binary compatibility to a greater extent then can be achieved through wine. On the down side now there are two operating systems vulnerable to windows virii. It'd be nice to see something come out of this... something with fewer vulnerabilities and greater interoperability with other operating systems... but I'll keep my linux even if it does take off.

February 19th, 2006


Hi! Any idea whom I can contact at M$ about this problem with support.microsoft.com? Thnx

February 14th, 2006

Крупной IT-компании Read more...Collapse )
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