For the discussion of the inherent slimeyness of M$.

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A Community for anyone that despises Microsoft, Windows, Bill Gates, or anything related to that slimy company and its horrible products. Also for people who think Windows just can't compare to other operating systems, such as Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, FreeBSD, AIX, UNIX, etc.

Some links of interest:
- The Halloween Documents Leaked memorandums from Microsoft from 1998 which appear to outline the battle plan they are still using.
- Edge-op.org
-- mslime.html - Tons of anti-Microsoft links.
- The AntiMicrosoft UK Page
- What I Miss When I Use Windows by E.L. Green.
- Boycott Microsoft
- Anti-Microsoft Association
- Groklaw.net - For anyone following the SCO case.
- Microsuck

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